Tory MP tells Theresa May to “step aside” after a “failed” Brexit

Conservative MP Andrea Jenkyns has told Prime Minister Theresa May that she has “failed” on Brexit and that she should “step aside” during a heated PM Question Time in the Commons.

May is facing increasing calls for her to resign sooner rather than later, with anger growing on both sides of the house over Brexit. Senior Tory’s will meet later to discuss the outcome of a meeting between chairman Sir Graham Brady and May, where it is believed Brady pressed for a specific timetable for her departure.

Jenkyns though spoke to the house about how May has “failed” and how the public need a leader they can trust for future negotiations.

“She’s tried her best, nobody could fault or doubt her commitment and sense of duty, but she has failed,” Ms Jenkyns told the chamber. “The public no longer trust her to run Brexit negotiations. Isn’t it time to step aside and let someone else lead our country, our party and the Brexit negotiations?”

May responded quickly by saying that if it was up to her own voting record, the UK would have already left the EU. She said: “This is not an issue about me and it’s not an issue about her. If it were an issue about me and the way I vote, we would already have left the European Union.”

After PMQs, May’s spokesperson gave a more detailed answer over questions regarding her future as Prime Minister.

“The prime minister made a very generous and bold offer to the 1922 committee a few weeks ago that she would see through phase one of the Brexit process, and she would leave and open up for new leadership for phase two,” he told reporters. “And that is the timetable she is working towards. She wants to get Brexit done.”

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