Exclusive: Labour confirm Brexit talks will resume next week

The Labour party have confirmed to The Post that they will resume talks with the UK government after the weekend. Prime Minister Theresa May’s spokeswoman suggested a meeting could take place. It comes after both parties blamed the Brexit deadlock for poor local election results.

A Labour Party spokesperson told The Post that they “can confirm Labour will be returning to on-going Brexit talks with the government next week”.

May opened talks with Labour a month ago after her deal to leave the European Union was rejected three times in parliament, but despite both sides saying they are constructive, there is little expectation of breakthrough next week.

“It’s important that we get it right,” the spokeswoman said of the talks, adding that May understood the frustration of some in Britain over the delay to Brexit after voters punished her Conservative Party in local elections on Thursday.

Tim Warren, the former Tory council leader of Bath and North East Somerset ousted following yesterday’s local elections lashed out at the Prime Minister and the Government. Claiming No10’s Brexit strategy is to blame for the losses reported by the Tories, he said: “The electorate have spoken tonight and they have been very angry.

“Whether they’ve spoken to us or to central government is another matter.

“We were being told on the streets that they couldn’t trust the Conservatives any more, wouldn’t vote for the Conservatives because of Brexit, basically.”

Voters appear to have vented their anger at both May and Jeremy Corbyn, as the Labour Party also struggled, losing seats at a point in the electoral cycle when they could expect to be making significant gains at the expense of the Government.

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell commented the results of the vote saying his party has “received” the message from the electorate.

He wrote on Twitter: “We’ll see what final results of local elections look like by end of [the] day as they are pretty mixed geographically up to now but so far message from local elections – ‘Brexit – sort it’. Message received.”

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