Shamima Begum claims she was “brainwashed” and begs for UK return

Shamima Begum, who fled Britain to Syria to join ISIS as a teenager has begged to be allowed to return to the UK, saying she was “brainwashed” by the terrorist group, “regretted everything” and wants a “second chance” at life.

Speaking for the first time since the death of her third child, 19-year old Begum has once again pleaded for UK government to allow her to return. She is currently at Syrian refugee camp al Hawl, along with 1,555 other women and children who travelled from abroad to join the extremist group.

Her three-week-old son, Jarrah, died last month two days after being admitted to hospital with breathing difficulties.

She said that she left the UK four years ago “believing everything that I had been told, while knowing little about the truths of my religion”. She remains at a refugee camp, where her son is buried in an unmarked grave.

She said about her conditions, “I have sat down and thought about how long I would have to stay here. And I have kind of accepted that I will have to stay here, I will have to make this like a second home.”

She also seemed to show little remorse for joining the terror group before she gave birth, but has since said that was because she feared repercussions. “Anything I said against Dawlah (IS), they would immediately attack me, so I was afraid of that,” she said.

Begum was stripped of her British citizenship as it was believed she held dual-Bangladeshi citizenship. However, this is something that has been disputed by the Bangladeshi government, and has made her effectively stateless, which is banned under international law, and something that Home Secretary Sajid Javid said would not happen.

Asked if she had anything to say to British politicians, Shamima Begum said, “I would like them to re-evaluate my case with a bit more mercy in their heart.”

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