Police vow to investigate after leaving racist graffiti on home for a week

Police have promised to investigate a hate-crime where “no blacks” was spray painted on the front door of somebody’s home. The homeowner reported the crime a week ago, but saw no response from police until it went viral on social media.

Jackson Yamba lives in his home in Salford with his 10-year old son David, who is said to be “traumatised” by the message. Jackson himself was left in tears.

The image was shared on Saturday evening, and soon went viral, it was accompanied by a post saying that police are yet to investigate, and asking how he can assure his son that he is “safe in his home”.

“My front door in Salford was painted over a week ago with this abhorrent racist graffiti – after it reporting it to @gmpolice they still haven’t been here to investigate.

“How do I assure my traumatised 10-year-old that he is safe in his home?”

10-year old David told the Manchester Evening News that they first saw the writing when he was being taken to school. He said he wanted to stay inside and was too scared to go to school.

“My daddy was taking me to school when we first saw it. I was scared as this has never happened to me before. I was so surprised. I wanted to stay in the house in case they were waiting and I didn’t want to go to school, but dad said it will be okay.

“I started to cry in case something happened. I don’t want to stay in the house anymore.”

The morning after Yamba’s tweet, Chief Constable Ian Hopkins apologised for the lack of response, and insisted that he had only just become aware of the “appalling crime”.

Hopkins was informed that Yamba had been told that there were not enough staff when he first made contact with the police, to which the Chief Constable replied, “that is frankly just not good enough”.

“There may have been other issues at the time, but we should have followed up quickly. It’s an appalling crime you and your family have suffered.”

The police apologised directly to Yamba after saying he had “received a service below what we would seek to provide” and that they had visited him on Sunday morning.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to cover costs of replacing the door, and exceeded its £1,000 target within six hours. Jackson and David were also invited to be special guests at a local rugby match and meet the Salford Red Devils players.

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