North Korea promise to destroy nuclear enrichment facilities

North Korea nuclear

North Korea has promised to destroy all their nuclear enrichment facilities. US special envoy Stephen Biegun publicised the pledge. He said the assurance was made to US Secretary of Stake Mike Pompeo when he visited the country last year.

However, Biegun has said that before any deal between the two countries is reached, North Korea must provide an entire list of their nuclear assets.

Speaking in the Oval Office, President Donald Trump said that “tremendous progress” had been made between the two countries. He also said that he would soon confirm the date and location of a second meeting between himself and Kim Jong-un.

Biegun said that Trump was “ready to end this war”, after North Korea have repeatedly said that they would never give up their nuclear programme unless it no longer faces a threat from the US.

Biegun said that although talks have progressed, and that Kim Jong-un had promised to the “dismantlement and destruction” of all their plutonium and uranium facilities, the US would not lift sanctions on the country until “denuclearisation is complete”.

However, the special envoy to the country didn’t rule out help in other ways. He said that US “did not say we will not do anything until you do everything”.

These could include the exploration “with North Korea and many other countries the best way to mobilize investment, improve infrastructure, enhance food security and drive a level of economic engagement that will allow the North Korean people to fully share in the rich future of their Asian neighbors”.

US intelligence chiefs presented the annual Worldwide Threat Assessment report to the US Senate earlier this week, which assessed that North Korea is “unlikely to give up” its weapons programme.

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