EU supports visa-free travel in event of no-deal Brexit

The EU has agreed to let UK citizens travel throughout the continent without a visa after Brexit, even if the country leaves without a deal. It was agreed on Friday that Briton’s travelling to the 26 EU member states should be granted visa-free travel for a short stay.

The decision made by EU ambassadors needs to be passed into legislation. For this to happen, the European Parliament will take the decision and make it law. Last month, they supported visa-free travel to the member states.

The UK government welcomed the news, but during the decision making process, Gibraltar was described as a “colony of the British Crown”, meaning it would be separate to the UK. A government spokesperson vehemently denied this was the case.

“The EU’s provisions for visa-free travel into and out of the Schengen area cover Gibraltar, and mean that in any scenario, British nationals from Gibraltar will be able to travel for short stays in and out of Spain and other countries in the Schengen area.

“Gibraltar is not a colony and it is completely inappropriate to describe in this way. Gibraltar is a full part of the UK family and has a mature and modern constitutional relationship with the UK.

“This will not change due to our exit from the EU. All parties should respect the people of Gibraltar’s democratic wish to be British”.

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