What time is the Brexit vote?

Big Ben in London and flags of Great Britain and European Union reflecting Brexit

MPs close their debate on Brexit, and will vote to accept or reject the current withdrawal agreement this evening. It is due to happen at around 8pm GMT, with the results announced between 9-10pm tonight.

Here is a full timetable of today:

Brexit Day: May sits down with her cabinet – 9am

Well before MPs arrive in parliament, Mrs May will chair the weekly Tuesday meeting of her cabinet.

Here, all of her most senior ministers will assemble to discuss issues of the day. Brexit – and particularly planning for a “no-deal” divorce from the EU – has featured heavily in recent weeks.

There is usually very little official readout from the meetings, but some ministers may begin leaking details, and the Downing Street press office may reveal some details at the twice-daily briefing for journalists.

Brexit Day: Commons to sit – 11:30am

Trying to say with certainty when anything is happening in parliament is almost harder than negotiating the backstop.

But the Commons sits at 11.30am, with two orders of business due first – health questions, which should take around an hour, and a 10-minute rule bill motion – which takes 10 minutes.

Tuesday’s Brexit debate, then, should start around 12.45pm.

MPs who have still not had a chance to reveal how they plan to vote and give their reasons why will finally get that chance, with the debate due to wrap up at 7pm.

Brexit Day: Meaningful vote – 8pm

Exactly when the vote will be depends on how many amendments are voted on: six were expected to be picked for the scrapped vote in December.

Each one will take around 15 minutes, meaning the vote is expected to take place between 8pm and 9pm.

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