Jeremy Corbyn calls for general election

Jeremy Corbyn

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has said that Theresa May should call a general election to allow voters to decide on the best Brexit strategy. If she doesn’t he says he will table a motion of no confidence.

Corbyn On Tory Failure

Corbyn, speaking in Wakefield on the subject of Brexit said that “years of Tory failure have left our society more divided than ever”, citing increased poverty, homelessness, personal debt and crime rates.

The Labour leader said that during every turn of Brexit negotiations May has “acted in ways that have exacerbated division”. Corbyn went on to say that she was now facing the “inevitable consequence” of defeat in the House of Commons.

Corbyn On May’s Brexit Deal

Let there be no doubt. Theresa May’s deal is a bad deal for our country and Labour will vote against it next week in Parliament.

The Labour party leader said that the deal on the table was “bad” for the country, and made it clear that the only reason that Parliament is having a meaningful vote is because “Labour secured that concession from the government”.

Corbyn made reference to reports that she was only brought in as Prime Minister following the Brexit referendum to unite the country. However, the Labour leader said that “her only success in bringing people together has been to unite both people who voted leave and those who voted remain against her botched and damaging deal.”

Corbyn Calls For General Election

The Labour party leader, in his speech, called for a general election to be held at the earliest opportunity to allow voters to decide what strategy the country should take for Brexit.

He said that the current government has “lost it’s mandate” so the country should seek another. He said that the winning party would have a “renewed mandate” to go back to the EU to renegotiate a deal.

Corbyn addressed May directly, saying: “if you are so confident in your deal then call that election and let the people decide.”

Corbyn To Table Motion Of No Confidence

Following his call for a general election, Corbyn warned the government that if they don’t he would table a motion of no confidence as soon as they “judge it to have the best chance of success”.

Corbyn also called on MPs to support his motion, saying that although the Labour party do no have enough MPs in Parliament to win a confidence vote on it’s own, “members across the House should vote with us to break the deadlock”.

Corbyn On A Second Referendum

The labour party leader refused to rule out a second referendum on Brexit, saying that should a general election not be secured, one of the “options on the table” would be to campaign for a public vote.

However, Corbyn reiterated that a general election would be the main priority, saying that it is “not only the most practical option, it is also the most democratic option”.

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