DUP likens Brexit deal to terrorist campaign by IRA

Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) Brexit spokesman Sammy Wilson MP speaks to media after the DUP annual party conference in Belfast, Northern Ireland November 24, 2018. REUTERS/Clodagh Kilcoyne

A DUP spokesperson has said that the Brexit backstop in Northern Ireland would do “what the IRA failed to do over 40 years of a terrorist campaign”. He has also said that Theresa May’s plan is unlawful and “fairly meaningless” in a scolding attack on the Prime Minister.

Cabinet Minister David Lidington had announced a series of assurances aimed at winning over MPs as the Brexit debate begins in the House of Commons.

These pledges include a “lock” for the Stormont assembly on new areas of law applying to Northern Ireland if the backstop comes into force.

However, DUP spokesperson Sammy Wilson who said he had seen the proposals and discussed them with Ministers launched a scolding tirade against the government.

“The backstop will still be in place, all the provisions of the backstop will still apply and will be no ability for the UK government or the Northern Ireland Assembly to stop that. It’s window dressing really.

“If this deal went through it would be ruinous and do what the IRA failed to do over 40 years of a terrorist campaign.

“We are concerned that this falls far short of what we agreed last December, which was a veto for Stormont on the backstop.

“This says we would be consulted if it were to be introduced, and that if it were to be introduced we would have the ability to stop any new EU regulations.

“These would be outside the scope of the 300 areas of law set out in the withdrawal agreement and of course it’s possible that existing EU laws could be extended to new industries which could not be vetoed.

“This is fairly meaningless. We have had detailed discussions with the government and they know this doesn’t go near to meeting the requirements.”

Wilson confirmed that the DUP will vote against the Brexit plan in next weeks vote, and have made their intention clear to the government. They join other Tory Brexiteers who plan to vote it down.

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