House of Commons split over Labour’s no confidence motion

The House of Commons is split over Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s motion of no confidence in Theresa May. Opposition leaders from the Liberal Democrats, the SNP, Plaid Cymru and Green MP Caroline Lucas have all supported a version of the motion that calls out the Government completely rather than just the PM.

Corbyn is targeting the Prime Minister solely, and should his motion pass, a new Conservative PM would take office. Should the amended motion that targets the entire Government pass, a general election would be called.

Corbyn said in a speech at the House of Commons this afternoon that it was unacceptable for the Prime Minister to delay a vote on Brexit, and the delay of a month was too long. He claims May has taken the country into a state of “national crisis”.

The Government have since confirmed though that they have not and will not make time in Parliament for such a motion to be voted upon, adding that MPs would not “go along with silly games”.

Lib Dem’s leader Vince Cable has called upon Corbyn to change direction and called for an amendment to his motion, asking that the entire Government face a no confidence vote.

“It’s clear that Jeremy Corbyn is using every subterfuge possible to avoid the responsibility of pushing a real motion of no confidence in the government.

“He seems more interested in installing a new Tory prime minister in Downing Street than in the general election he keeps talking about.

“By contrast, our joint amendment shows what a real opposition would do. It will test MPs’ views on the real question and would remove every Labour excuse not to back a People’s Vote on the deal, with an option to remain in the European Union.”

Vince Cable

Cable is not alone to attack Corbyn over his no confidence motion, as SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon mockingly asked who he wanted as the new Prime Minister. It is reported that they have agreed with other opposition leaders to table a motion of no confidence in the entire Government.

“Labour tabling a motion just in the PM rather than in the entire government begs the question, which Tory do they want to see as PM?”

Nicola Sturgeon

On the other hand though, the DUP have agreed to support the Prime Minister through a no confidence vote against her, but haven’t answered questions about what they would do with a no confidence motion against the Government, however their response indicates they will back the Government.

“We wouldn’t be supporting that motion, we don’t think it’s the right time. It’s a bit of parliamentary theatrics and game-playing.”

Nigel Dodds

Senior Conservatives have also backed Theresa May in a no confidence motion. 200 MPs rejected a vote of no confidence in the PM last week, but now Jacob Rees-Mogg, an avid campaigner against May last week, has come out in her support. And it is likely, others will follow suit.

Labour have denied that they are looking into changing to a motion of no confidence in the entire Government, but if they do, they are sure to have the support of a vast number of MPs, and will have to begin work to persuade Conservatives and DUP members to vote against the Government and Theresa May.

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