Three dead and more injured whilst gunman ‘on the run’ in Strasbourg shooting

A dozen gunshots have been heard and three people have been reportedly killed with 8 more injured in a suspected shooting in Strasbourg’s Place Keber Christmas market.

The gunman is still at large and on the run according to several news outlets. The motive and suspect have not been named.

European Parliament has offices in Strasbourg and have put their two buildings in lock down.

The French Interior Minister traveled to the city on Tuesday evening on the instruction of French President Emmanuel Macron.

The Interior Minister has also demanded that everyone in the city get to a safe place and encouraged tourists to stay inside.

It is understood that the suspected gunman was shot by police, and wounded. However he has yet to be detained, and is still on the run. According to reports, hundreds of police officers are searching the nearby area, but worries are that he has traveled further afield.

The suspect is known to security services, and has previously been on watch lists in France as someone who carried a terrorist threat according to police. The 29-year old suspected gunman was born in Strasbourg.

French TV claim that the suspect fled his apartment in the Neudorf district of the city as police raided his home after he was suspected in a robbery. It reports that they found grenades amongst his personal possessions.

UPDATE 21:09 Tuesday 11th December to include an updated number of those who have been killed or injured.

UPDATE 08:08 Wednesday 12th December to include more information about the suspected gunman.

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