Scottish Independence ‘clearly in sight’, says Nicola Sturgeon

SNP leader and First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has said that the goal of Scottish Independence is “clearly in sight”, after the “incompetence and chaos” of Westminster in the wake of Brexit.

Speaking at the SNP annual conference, Sturgeon claimed that Scotland breaking away from the UK could be “the opposite of Brexit”, and she said she is “more confident than ever” of a successful second vote after thousands of people marched in Edinburgh in support of independence.

“When the history books tell the story of this Tory government, selfishly driving the UK towards a hard Brexit just to appease its own ideologues, the verdict will be damning.”

Should Scotland leave the UK, Sturgeon claims it will be able to forge a “real partnership” with Europe and the world. However, Sturgeon admits that Scotland will need patience and must “wait for the fog of Brexit to clear” in order to win over ‘no’ voters from 2014.

Speaking about Brexit, Sturgeon said that that all of the party’s 35 MPs at Westminster would vote in favour of a new referendum on Brexit, if it were to be a question in Parliament.

The Post has reached out to the UK government for comment.

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